Tuesday, 18 January 2011

evak & edison - six pack o' death

it is with an unrelenting excitement pounding in our chests that we can jubilantly announce the ninth official release to be emerging shortly from the decorative stamp. following up the unsettling 667 horrors of the babel fishh & edison ep, our latest release shall be the second in the series, featuring the unstoppable-when-combined talents of evak & edison...

another six outrageous beats from edison, this time chewed apart with a monstrous set of prose from the mighty evak. the ep is awash with beautiful musical turns, shadowed with heavy pounding beats, and simply ripe with incredible lyrical turns delivered in devilishly powerful but settled and considered tones. the next episode in the 667 cleaver league is truly something to behold.

specific release details will follow shortly, consider this a warning shot. but do be on the lookout for a release date, and the magnum opus itself, in the coming weeks.

keep safe, stay up

decorative stamp

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