Friday, 29 April 2011

murmur breeze - foreshore reverie

after much long toil in darkest seclusion, and after much long speculation, might we finally officially announce that the new murmur breeze album shall be upon us much sooner rather than later. their follow-up to 'bird irony' is frankly epic in scale, taking in nineteen songs of spiraling surrealist alt-rap, displaying both james p honey and abSUrd at the height of their powers. do not sleep when this vast beast stirs in the coming few weeks.

entitled 'foreshore reverie', and featuring a host of collaborators, the album is awash with a staggering amount of wonderful musical turns and closely cut lyrical observations, deftly maneuvering between the bitingly satirical and the wildly theatrical. auxiliary musical accompaniment comes in the form of performances from jamie romain, michael rea and nadia d'alò, whilst extra lyrical turns are taken by the mighty mildew, babel fishh and jamesreindeer, and the whole album carefully guided through the mixing stages by jamesreindeer.

available initially as a super-limited edition hand-crafted gatefold cd package, lovingly constructed by abSUrd, james p honey, jamesreindeer and the raindrop watchers, featuring a host of additional treats neatly tucked inside, to be followed by a highly deluxe vinyl edition once a few more pennies have found their way towards the cause.

stay tuned for even more specifics. but know that the operative word is soon.

keep safe . be well

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