Monday, 14 January 2013

welcoming the beastmaster

it may come as no suprise, but surely as a splendid revelation, that the almighty beastmaster aka lucien shapiro, of 667 / papervehicle / cleaver league notoriety, is now official a part of the decorative stamp guild in a solo capacity. already responsible for a host of sinister death-chews, adept texts and visual artworks, the beastmaster's reputation clearly preceeds him as we heartily welcome him into the fold.

we shall reveal no more for now, keeping the darkly-disturbing spirits at bay until official announcements will be revealed in the coming moons, but do be sure to expect word of forthcoming materials in the not-too-distant future. til then, be sure to 'like' him on facebook, bookmark his website and anticipate the darkening storm that will unveil the upcoming installments in the saga of the 667.

keep safe

decorative stamp

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