Monday, 27 May 2013

home - bon tempe - the video

ladies and gentlemen, after much top-secret behind-the-scenes activity, might we at last reveal the astonishing new video from our very own home, entitled 'bon tempe' and taken from his forthcoming sophomore release 'word', coming 17th june on decorative stamp as a limited-edition hand-crafted cd and digital download.

created in collaboration with the newly-birthed and already mighty satellites and chandeliers, aka mildew of papervehicle fame, aka reymundo perez iii of solo-art-astonishments fame, the video is truly a delight to behold indeed. still, how this new musical glimpse into home's latest creative endevours, featuring final-fingers by edison, can truly only whet the appetite for what is truly a wonderful new release. get involved.

keep safe / 667

decorative stamp

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