Monday, 20 June 2011

visitor - album coming soon

it is with a great sense of proudness we can gladly announce that, after much covert communications between himself and jamesreindeer, the mighty visitor, direct from the 667-cleaver league, will be releasing his latest opus right here on decorative stamp.

entitled 'order lost' and featuring nineteen songs of spiralling, warm psychedelic tones, the album is awash with wonderful musical and lyrical turns, featuring the staggering production and vocal tones of visitor himself, along with a vertiable flotila of marvelous guest-spots.

a tentative date for a digital release has been set for 4th july, so do be sure to find yourself poised in a position to make a purchase two weeks from today. til then, have yourself a steady look at the marvelous album art and tracklisting over at our online shop right now.

keep safe. be well

decorative stamp

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