Sunday, 12 June 2011

welcoming Þverfellshorn

finally, after much long behind-the-scenes discussion, might we now officially announce the news that the mighty Þverfellshorn [thverfellshorn], solo project of luke payne from the incredible wild dogs in winter, is now part of the decorative stamp family. it has arguably been on the cards for some time, and how we are now thusly making this information entirely official.

whilst wild dogs in winter span the fragile distances between post-rock, shoegaze and electronica, Þverfellshorn is an even more gentle excursion into where the music falls away into beautiful tender, droning slumbers. warm synths meet hypnotic guitars as distant voices and field recordings merge together to create such dream-like passages.

should you not already be familiar with wild dogs in winter or Þverfellshorn, be sure to click on the hyperlinks to wander off onto a brief journey of discovery via their online sites, and to whet the appetite for the upcoming decorative stamp release, be sure to download yourself a free copy of the first Þverfellshorn ep, entitled 'bedroom recordings', right here.

onwards and upwards then

be well

decorative stamp

Þverfellshorn on facebook, myspace, bandcamp

wild dogs in winter on facebook, myspace, bandcamp

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