Monday, 17 October 2011

papervehicle - self titled - coming soon

finally, might we gladly announce the digital re-release of the seminal debut album from san francisco supergroup papervehicle. originally made available as a limited edition self-released CD of just 100 copies, it is an honour and a privilege to be able to make the album available in a digital format at last, that many more listeners might find the opportunity to fix themselves a hi-res copy. any listener, luckily enough to be in possession of one of the original CD's, will surely testify to the outstanding quality of the music contained across the album, showcasing the astonishing combined talents of this incredible collective.

spanning sixteen songs and taking in a whole world of artistic expression, myriad forms of wordplay, musical passages, crashing drums and vivid imagery. produced by edison, the album is truly awash with triumphant musical tones at every turn, and is replete with never-ending displays of vocal and lyrical prowess in the form of rapped, sung and spoken words from mildew, home, edison and the beastmaster. also featuring additional production from decorative stamp's own visitor, and a genre-ending guest verse from babel fishh.

due to the incredibly special nature of this release, decorative stamp have seen fit to set about preparing an 80+ page digital book to accompany the album. edited by jamesreindeer and featuring an extensive introduction by the man himself, as well as an in-depth interview with papervehicle themselves, detailed production notes and memories from the group for each song, a complete lyrics transcription of the entire album, as well as exclusive photographs taken during the making of the album.

all in all, an essential addition to the decorative stamp catalogue as well as for any serious musical collection. if you are yet to experience this awesome album, then we wholeheartedly insist that you simply must fix yourself a copy, and for those already in possession of the cd, or a lo-res bootleg, then do let the fascinating digital book or hi-res sound quality sway you into making yourself a purchase. the album will be made available for digital download from decorative stamp on 31st october 2011. get involved.

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  1. vinylvinylvinylvinylvinylvinylvinyl!

  2. hehe! ...just as soon as we raise some money with the downloads...

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