Monday, 10 October 2011

recent facts in the case of dug yuck

dearest friends. might we gladly draw your attention to the recent activities of our deeply, deeply treasured dug yuck, aka filkoe. these past moons have seen a raft of new tape recordings emerging, displaying a whole host of beautiful new sounds, which we strongly suggest you investigate as soon as time permits.

be sure to swing past his soundcloud page to find a wonderful selection of songs, and be sure to bookmark his marvelous blog site too, with many a post to mesmerize and disorient in equal measure. make friends with him on facebook, check the vimeo page, and be sure to stop by the new egg cape online store, now carrying a whole host of recorded treats from his awesome catalogue.

lastly, without wishing to give away too much, you should be on the look-out for his upcoming 'disembowelment of none's' cassette release right here on the stamp, as well as a second release from our very own pumpernickle in the pipeline, not to mention a slew of goats gloom horrors, and a very special cover version to be featured on the upcoming 'decorative stamp volume two'. good times indeed.

keep safe, keep 667

decorative stamp

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