Monday, 29 August 2011

book of marion - coming soon

exact details are still a little light on the ground, but might we tentatively announce that the world shall soon witness the arrival of the radically astonishing 'book of marion' release from our very own james p honey, working alongside long-time collaborator and production legend joel siméus.

'book of marion' is a two song, 30+ minute epic, possibly best described as an unofficial sequel to the 'rough tongue surfaces' album, the only difference being that, this time, jamesreindeer is operating strictly behind the boards, having guided the album through the mixing stage.

soon available as a highly-limited edition 12" vinyl, in a shockingly attractive hue of deepest blue, on the marvelous underground bastion that is england's own planck length records. be sure to keep your eyes pealed for an imminent announcement.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Monday, 22 August 2011

iron filings and sellotape - album out now

ladies and gentlemen. at last, the time is upon us. we can now jubilantly announce that, after ten years in production, the mysterious iron filings and sellotape collective's debut release is now available to purchase in both digital and ultra-limited cd editions from the decorative stamp online shop.

entitled 'amidst the grease and chaos', the album is a dark, psychedelic journey through geopolitical spheres, spanning twenty songs which take us on a precarious path built from salvaged loops, field recordings, radio interference and historical documents. it is a work of great disorientating power, hallucinatory depth and fragile beauty.

the ultra-limited physical edition is a delight to behold. presented in a high-quality envelope featuring the album artwork and containing, along with the attractively packaged cd itself, a host of additional treats including lyric sheets, credit sheets, a statement of intent, schematics of obsolete technologies, a page from a great philosophical work and an iron filings and sellotape sticker.

the digital release contains hi-res scans of all the album artwork, as well as a relatively-recently unearthed version of the disturbing 'war report [salvaged reels]' video. be sure to fix yourself a copy as soon as time permits. only fifty physical copies will be made available.

keep safe, be well

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

iron filings and sellotape - coming soon

ladies and gentlemen, might we most gladly announce that, after ten years in production, we can excitedly reveal that the first release from the mysterious collective iron filings and sellotape shall soon be upon us. twenty tracks taking us on a dark, psychedelic voyage through geopolitical spheres, buried deep within layers of tape noise, static and vinyl crackle.

iron filings and sellotape remain anonymous, but have close ties to our very own jamesreindeer, who has been responsible for compiling this material and guiding it through to the release stage... and finally, it is now available to stream in its entirety, both at the decorative stamp online store and jamesreindeer's own bandcamp page.

be sure to have yourself a listen and keenly anticipate fixing yourself a digital download or a copy of the highly limited physical edition upon it's release on monday 22nd august. get ready to fall away into the disorientating world of iron filings and sellotape. amidst the grease and chaos.

be well

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Monday, 8 August 2011

welcoming papervehicle

gentle readers, dearest friends and fans one and all. might we take this opportunity to announce that we have performed what we consider to be our most impressive coup thusfar, in so far as, after some extensive behind the scenes activity, we can reveal to the world that the latest addition to decorative stamp family is none other than the unrelentingly masterful san francisco supergroup papervehicle.

to all those already in the know, be prepared to once again fall away into the impossible mastery, and to those just now seeing the light, do keenly anticipate unrelenting displays of musical and lyrical skills quite clearly beyond measure. edison, mildew, home and the beastmaster are a combined force unmatched within the genre, and are already collectively responsible for a host of indispensible releases.

for now we shall keep our intentions under-wraps, but be sure to keenly expect activity to be forthcoming as the autumn begins to envelope us. for now, as a wonderful reminder, or a perfect introduction, do have a listen to the classic '10,000 commandments', be sure to 'like' the facebook page and get ready for further news on the near horizon.

keep safe

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Monday, 1 August 2011

facts in the case of 'order lost'

dearest ladies and gentlemen. might we take this moment to speak in apologetic tones, to announce that very regrettably we are still unable to bring you the release of the mighty 'order lost' album from visitor. once again, it seems our plans have been scuppered in our attempts to furnish you with the musical treats therein.

the album has been on the cards for the longest while now, and how, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we know that is something that will appeal greatly to you all. still, the problem lies within the fact that captain visitor has sadly been unable to provide us with the hi-res masters of the album thusfar. everything else is go, we are just waiting on those files...

so, the moment that we take delivery of the aforementioned data, we will be able to get this beast finally online in the form of a marvelous digital download which we sincerely hope you shall be eager to devour. again, we are most apologetic for this turn of events, and can assure you that this sort of thing shall not happen again!

til then, have a listen to the awesome 'car vs. train' and please wait as patiently as we are

keep safe

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